Birth of a Muse

Birth of a Muse sculpture commission is cast in bronze and was commissioned by the City of New Orleans Percent for Art & Arts Council of New Orleans. The sculpture creates an entrance to Coliseum Square at Prytania St. The new sculpture is a cast bronze figure representing one of the nine muses (Terpsichore), who are the namesakes of the Lower Garden District neighborhood. According to the artist Kim Bernadas, “The Muses, according to Greek mythology, are goddesses who inspire the creation of the arts. They whisper in the ear, light the fire within, and stimulate the creative process of every artist. Expressed here is Terpsichore, emerging from a trumpet flower, to begin her life in celebration of music, song and dance. She beckons friends old and new to explore Coliseum Square and celebrate the natural and artistic beauty found in the neighborhood of the nine muses.”

Birth of a Muse Sculpture Commission, 2017 – Select Images
Commissioned for City of New Orleans Percent for Art & Arts Council of New Orleans


January, 2013 “Documentary Video for Birth of a Muse,” by Arts Council of New Orleans 

September 24, 2011 “Coliseum Square Park Sees Birth of a Muse,” by Brad Rhines, NOLA Defender

September 24, 2011 “Birth of A  Muse,” by Sabree Hill, Uptown Messenger

September, 2011 “First Percent for Art Sculpture Dedication Since Hurricane Katrina,” Arts Council of New Orleans